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4-System test procedures pasteurization online 
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4-System test procedures pasteurization online
Du 3 déc au 17 déc 2021
Numéro de groupe PSA2108


Completion of all tests will take approximately 14 hours and this time can vary among individuals. In addition, it is strongly recommended that participants schedule a practical onsite coaching session in a dairy or other type processing or pilot plant. This should be done as soon as possible following completion of the course in order to complete the knowledge transfer process.


Dairy plant
  • pasteurizer operators or their successors
  • supervisors or their successors who will supervise pasteurizer operators / pasteurization process
  • engineers
  • quality control / quality assurance staff
  • Pasteurization system calibration technicians
  • Government dairy, food inspectors, supervisors, auditors, etc.
  • Technical school / university students (i.e., Food, Dairy Technology, Food Safety, Food Science, Engineering, etc.)
  • Food processing equipment sales representatives


Successful completion of “General Principles of the Pasteurization Process” (Web-based course) or having responsibility for calibrating pasteurization systems.


*Please note that although this course is based on dairy pasteurization systems, the principles are also applicable to pasteurization systems that produce other products (i.e., processed egg products, juices, soy milk and soy based beverages, etc.).

Registration conditions.
The tests involve the main instruments and gauges of a pasteurization system as well as various aspects of its operation and automation.
The tests are grouped into five categories:
  • Tests relating to thermometers
  • Tests on holding times
  • Tests on diversion valves (or diversion valve)
  • Tests on pressure differential times
  • Tests on meter-based timing systems

Registrants may not, at any time, transfer their accounts to other persons. Average bandwidth use per module has been determined. Conditions of use set out on the course web site are considered a contract and registrants should familiarize themselves with these conditions before starting the course. No further period will be granted.


Certificate of participation will be issued to participants maintaining a minimum overall average of 60 % on all summative evaluations.


Systems used for training must be equipped as follows:
  • Browser with a recent version (Chrome, Edge or Firefox)
  • High speed Internet connection.
  • Sound card with speakers or headset
  • Acrobat Reader. download here: Acrobat Reader
  • Authorization for the addresses of the training platform and cookies in the Internet security options of your computer


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he registration deadline is December 3 2021, no registration for this group after this date.

The training will take place from December 3 to December 17, 2021.

Please note that this training is done remotely and you have a limited time to complete it.


Mario Lavigne